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Mold Assessment / Inspection

According to the World Health Organization “When sufficient moisture is available, hundreds of species of bacteria and fungi – particularly mould – pollute indoor air”. The most important effects of exposure to these pollutants are the increased prevalence of respiratory symptoms, allergies and asthma, as well as disturbance of the immune system. Preventing (or minimizing) persistent dampness and microbial growth on interior surfaces and building structures is the most important means of avoiding harmful effects on health.” Our clients frequently ask about Toxic mold. And while the term Toxic Mold is attention getting and makes for a good news story, it should not be the focus of a mold investigation. Human beings may be exposed to molds in three ways. Ingesting (eating) it, skin exposure or the most likely type of exposure, respiration (breathing). Mold reproduces by producing spores (seeds), these spores are easily airborne and when humans inhale these spores, we may be affected by the exposure depending upon the amount of exposure and our personal sensitivity. It is known that certain molds are capable of producing toxic chemicals called “Mycotoxins”. But just because they can produce Mycotoxins does not mean that they are producing Mycotoxins. We believe the best approach is to concentrate on the allergenic capabilities of indoor molds and to minimize potential exposures. A solid microbial investigation begins with a visual inspection and moisture mapping by an experienced professional who knows the signs of water intrusion and how and where growth is likely to occur. When necessary, a sampling plan is developed in order to obtain additional data needed to determine the current environmental conditions or to formulate an efficient remediation plan. At other times sampling may be used to detect potential unseen exposures when no visual clues are observed but a client feels that “something is wrong”. PPI is skilled at microbial assessment, remediation planning and project oversight. Most importantly we provide peace of mind knowing that an experienced third party is making your welfare a top priority.

 Let us protect you from ineffective or inefficient remediation/abatement projects.

Important reasons to consider using our consulting services:

  • To determine if a concern actually exists
  • To determine the nature and scope of the contamination and potential exposure
  • To determine the source of the contamination and how to prevent future reoccurrences
  • To provide a detailed Scope of Remediation in order to minimize remediation time, expense and reconstruction costs
  • To provide third party photo documentation for insurance purposes
  • To provide third party photo documentation in the event of litigation (or potential litigation)
  • To provide final third party photo documentation that the concern has been properly resolved for the purpose of the future sale of the property
  • Knowing that all samples collected are analyzed by independent AIHA accredited laboratories
  • To provide you with peace of mind in knowing your concern is being handled in a professional manner

We will be pleased to assist you with the following:

  • Mold Assessments/investigations for residential, commercial, apartment or condominium properties
  • Residential and Commercial Escrow Mold Screening/Pre-purchase assessment
  • Commercial/apartment/condominium/residential building tenant complaint investigation
  • Water loss or flood mitigation and restoration oversight
  • Fungal remediation/abatement plans and detailed scope of work
  • Fungal remediation project oversight to minimize remediation costs, property down time and reconstruction costs
  • Providing a list of experienced professional fungal/bacterial remediation contractors to our clients
  • Post Remediation Verification Assessment/sampling to document successful completion of the remediation/abatement project

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