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Property Condition Assessment or a Physical inspection. Which best suits your needs?

While Property Condition Assessments (PCA's) following ASTM E-2018 standards are widely recognized and applicable for many situations, there are some properties or owners whose needs involve something less, greater or different from these standards. Off site owners, managers or lenders may require scheduled inspection visits to a property that they cannot visit  personally. They require a trained professional eye to assure that the property is in good operating condition and that tenants are following proper usage and safety standards. Scheduled third party property inspections can also reduce insurance premiums and offer valuable third party photo documentation of property conditions should the unexpected need arise.

Our scope of commercial property inspections starts out with the baseline property condition assessment which we call a physical property inspection.  The scope of this inspection can be expanded to include the interiors, accessible equipment, and other building systems. We can offer maintenance recommendations and if needed provide budgets and costs to remedy any deficiencies. Our final report will outline any deficiencies or safety issues with representative photos of the concerns found during the site visit.

We can customize the scope of our inspection to meet your special needs. The reports can appear in our format or yours. We will be pleased to assist you in customizing your inspection requirements to suit your needs!

Most of our clients find that a physical property inspection is appropriate for industrial buildings and office buildings of less than 30,000 square feet, strip malls with less than 10 stores, individual stores of less than 15,000 square feet and any type of property with triple net leasing or common area maintenance.

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