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A Complete Environmental Field Services Company

At PPI our client's needs are our top priority. We specialize in saving your company time and money by providing reliable, cost efficient environmental field services. No more burden of wages and benefits to a non-billable field service employee to help in the office until they are needed in the field. We are available only when you need us to provide professional quality environmental field services.

PPI has been providing professional environmental tech services for over ten years.  We have provided environmental tech services for projects with budgets from hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars, from the neighborhood dry cleaners to major petroleum and aerospace companies. Having such experience in a variety of environmental projects enables us to provide accurate, cost efficient professional services. We can often suggest budget saving alternatives to challenging problems or situations. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff of qualified environmental professionals has the flexibility to accommodate large or small projects.

Soil Sampling

PPI Environmental Services can provide assistance with all your soil investigation needs. Leave the hard work to us. We will arrange to have the underground utilities cleared, stake the locations, and retrieve your samples. Soil borings can be hand augered or completed with geoprobe equipment. Soil sampling and characterization is handled by our experienced technicians to help make your project a success.

Excavation Oversight

 We also have extensive experience in oversight of excavation activities including performing 1166 air monitoring, confirmation and stockpile profile sampling for disposal and taking care of all the data management for the site.

Vapor Extraction Systems

PPI can provide assistance in operating and maintaining all types of vapor extraction systems. From simple carbon units to dual phase systems, nothing is too complex. We design an Operations and Maintenance Program (O&M program) specifically to meet your needs and to keep systems running at optimal performance. We will perform routine maintenance on your systems to decrease costly down-time and to produce enhanced results for you and your clients.

PPI technicians are also qualified to perform soil vapor extraction pilot tests for your convenience.

Groundwater Monitoring

PPI Environmental Services performs, cost effective, standard and low-flow groundwater gauging and sampling for well monitoring and compliance. All wells and well boxes are inspected at every sampling event to ensure they are water tight and secure.  Maintenance can be handled immediately to prevent future problems. We know that quality data is essential on every remediation project.  That is why we use the most reliable collection methods and the latest equipment available to provide data which you may use with confidence. All of our sampling equipment is meticulously maintained. Our well trained and experienced technicians clean and calibrate the sampling equipment before and after every use to insure accurate readings and results. We arrange to have your laboratory provide us with all the necessary sampling containers to be used prior to the sampling event and then transport the samples to you or to the laboratory, saving you valuable time.

Additional Environmental Services

  • Oversight of monitoring well abandonment
  • Monitoring well replacement and repairs including well box replacement
  • Well installation and monitoring
  • Regulatory agency interaction
  • Independent third party project oversight
  • Air monitoring (1166) during excavation activities
  • Site closure
  • UST Removal/Oversight

Let PPI assist you in getting your project completed on budget and on time.

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