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Phase III - Remediation

Remediation is the mitigation of the identified impacts to the property from hazardous material releases. Most remediation is conducted under the oversight of local regulatory agencies.  The methods of remediation vary widely depending on the type of property, its configuration, the nature of the contaminant involved and the geologic conditions at the site. Many remediation technologies are now available and new and innovative technologies are continuously evolving. It is our endeavor to apply the most cost-effective techniques available to resolve the remediation concerns at a site as quickly and as economically as possible.  The goal is to restore the property’s environment to near original conditions, and to have a written regulatory response/opinion that no further action is needed.

Evaluation/selection of the remediation process includes :

  • Thorough site characterization of present conditions
  • Environmental Threat Assessment (waste characterization, source and release characterization, transport and fate of contaminants, exposure assessment, and risk characterization)
  • Identification of Remedial Action Objectives (regulatory objectives, principle threats, determination of cleanup levels)
  • Evaluation of Remedial Action Alternatives (effectiveness, implementability, cost)

PPI will interface with agency personnel in selecting a remedial alternative and oversee its implementation.  For extended remedial programs such as groundwater treatment or vapor extraction this will include regular reporting to the regulatory agency.

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